Past International Exchanges

Our Exchanges in 2015

In 2015 we began the facilitation of an international school partnership between New Eccles Hall School in Norfolk and Colegio Honofre Benavides in Peru. In preparation for 2 fantastic student group exchanges that will be taking place in 2016 and 2017, teachers from both schools took part in their own recce exchanges in order to develop the trip further, share experiences, risk assess and prepare for the students arrival the following year. Find out more here


Our exchanges in 2014

In February 15-23, 2014 we hosted a Special Needs Exchange at New Eccles Hall School, Norfolk. Follow the link above to learn more about exchange.





Our exchanges in 2013

Youth Exchange in Poland, October 7th-15th. Read our member`s report about the Poland Exchange.


Youth Exchange Belarus, July 19-29


Youth Exchange Serbia, 25 July – 3 August

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April (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria) – 60 participants

February (Germany, Poland, Slovenia, UK) – 60 participants


August (Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, UK) = 60 participants

June (Kosovo, Estonia, UK) – 51 participants

April, Special needs exchange (Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, UK) – 60 participants


August (Russia, Netherlands, Belarus, UK) – 60 participants

July (Azerbaijan, Poland, Russia, UK) – 60 participants

June (Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, UK) – 60 participants

February, Special needs exchange (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Poland, UK) – 60 participants


August (Malta, Czech Republic, Hungary, UK) – 60 participants

February (Kosovo, Serbia, Estonia, UK) – 60 participants

January (Russia, Belarus, Netherlands, UK) – 60 participants


October (Macedonia, Serbia, Germany, UK) – 60 participants

August (Estonia, Italy, Germany, UK) – 60 participants

April (Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, UK) – 60 participants

February, Special needs exchange (Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, UK) – 60 participants


August (Sweden, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, UK) – 60 participants

July (Bosnia, Kosovo, UK) – 60 participants

April (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, UK) – 60 participants

February (Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, UK) – 60 participants