European Youth Exchanges

Current youth exchanges:

Current Youth Exchange Opportunities
 Currently we are at various stages of applying for funded youth exchanges through Erasmus Plus and we urge you to get in touch if you are interested in any of the below.  Also on this page you will learn about how you can make an exchange become a reality yourself.


  1. July – Azerbaijan – Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Italy  COMPLETED. Look out for blog posting soon
  2. 3 to 12 August Hungary exchange  CONFIRMED
  3. Eccles Hall School – Special needs -Hungary, Czech Rep, Bulgaria, 22 to 30 October 2016 CONFIRMED. Places available
  4. Eccles Hall School – Diversity and Cultural Awareness around the European Union  11 to 19 February 2017. CONFIRMED  Places available

You can also click here to contact us

-to express interest in hearing about upcoming exchanges opportunities

– to get involved in making an exchange happen

How do I get involved?

Are you a young person in Norfolk who would like the chance to experience and learn from other European cultures? If so, getting involved with Norfolk Youth Projects will give you the chance to make this dream a reality.

We support young people who become involved with our organisation to design exchange programmes and apply for the funding to make it happen.

We know that there are many young people in Norfolk with fewer opportunities; some living in remote rural communities and some with educational, social or financial difficulties that would benefit greatly through cross cultural learning experiences.

Through designing the exchange and not just participating in it, the young people we work with learn a whole new range of skills. Some have even gone on to sit on our committee and be responsible for the work of the organisation.

Young people are always welcome to contact us at any time to get involved in planning an exchange. On top of this, you can join our organisation and come to our regular meet ups in Norwich or our residential weekends in Norfolk which we hold three or four times a year and where ideas for new exchange projects always start to flow.

How do these exchanges work?

Funded through the European Youth programme, we have organised more than 60 youth exchanges involving more than 300 young people from the UK and 25 other countries.

These exchanges come under two categories:

  Youth exchanges within the European Union, and the rest of the World; opportunities for young people between 15 and 25 years to experience intercultural adventures in Norfolk and around Europe

  European Volunteering Service (EVS) gives young people the opportunity to volunteer in another country.

Youth Exchanges

Youth Exchanges offer an opportunity for groups of young people from different countries to meet and learn about each other’s cultures.

Our youth exchanges aim to promote one or more of the following themes:

What are our youth exchanges like?

Youth exchanges that we have done in the past have typically involved 10 – 15 young people from Norfolk, and a similar number of young people from four or five other European countries. These young people have designed programmes with fun and innovative structured activities in areas such as arts, crafts, drama, music, and sports. These activities are  designed to promote the theme of that particular youth exchange using innovative, non-formal, ways of learning. Our exchanges normally last between 7 – 14 days. When we have done exchanges based in the UK, we have included visits to Norwich, the Norfolk Broads, the Norfolk Coast and both Cambridge and London.


Norfolk International Projects also offers European Voluntary Service (EVS) which gives people from Norfolk the opportunity to volunteer in another country and people from all over Europe the opportunity to volunteer in our organisation. We are a sending, hosting and coordinating organisation for the EVS.

NIP as sending organisation

NIP as hosting organisation

NIP as coordinating organisation