Our Team

The Board

We have a Board of 6 people ranging from young people who have previously accessed services to professionals within the sector. Our board  ensure that our work is rooted in the ideas and aspirations of young people and is wholly linked in to youth provision as a whole in Norfolk. The board ensures transparent governance of our organisation.

Our Youth Committee

We call upon our young people’s committee to develop projects and to shape our work so that it reflects what young people want. Young people have input through all stages from project creation to applying for funding. Members of our young committee have subsequently joined our board.


The Staff

John Nooney – Chief Executive

John is the founder and chief executive of Norfolk Youth Projects. John has over 50 years experience in youth work in the Norfolk area.

john nooney

Steve Wiseman – Planning and Fundraising Officer

Steve Wiseman was formerly chair of the local Citizens Advice board in Norwich. Steve joined the NYP team in January 2013 and is committed to helping local youth to develop and flourish through the wide skill set that he brings to the organisation.


Nesta Holloway- Youth Worker

Nesta Holloway is currently completing her youth work training and works at the Tuesday Teen Club, to which she is very dedicated.

Priya Loomba – Latin American Exchanges Coordinator

Priya joined the team in 2015 and works under Norfolk International Projects arranging exchanges and cultural visits for schools and individuals in the UK and South America.


Volunteers and Supporters

Norfolk Youth Projects is also lucky enough to have involvement from volunteers and supporters in the local community who help assist with the running of projects and fundraising.  We also engage in the EVS scheme which gives people the opportunity to come from other European countries and volunteer with our charity from time to time.