Are you a prospective volunteer, statutory or voluntary organisation looking to collaborate, or a grant maker who would like to know more? Those are the different ways in which you can collaborate with us.

Volunteers/Employment Opportunities

We’re always looking for volunteers – especially those with youth work experience and outdoor education qualifications. Opportunities include helping in our youth clubs, assisting in our office, helping on our residentials and on specific projects. We always look forward to hearing from potential volunteers so please get in touch with us here

Voluntary Organisations/International Partners

We are always looking to collaborate with other organisations  in order to ensure a joined up approach to local youth services in the area. We have an array of skills, resources and opportunities that may be of use to your organisation and similarly we welcome the opportunity to collaborate and make use of your organisation’s skills and resources too.

Grant Makers

We endeavour to ensure our website contains relevant and useful information for both grant makers we work with and those looking to fund future work. Below are some quick links to useful parts of our website.

Click here to find out more about our objectives as an organisation.

To request more information or documentation such as our policies, constitution or organisational chart contact us here.

Click here to take a look at our previous work.